We connect people with our creative entertainment concepts.
We create an extra dimension for companies / brands / services.
Nic performing Timothy crowd surfing Producer Mike Static Video Shoot Outside Events
Hold your breath and let's go
You dive we catch
Music is our passion, music is our life
What you imagine we visualize
Quality attracts people
Light is fuel, fuel to party till you drop

Invazi stands for conveying love and fun, by means of bringing people together. With the help of innovation, creativity and enthusiasm, we bring entertainment concepts that better accentuate the colors in the world.

Why we do it


Our motivation is to bring ideas and concepts alive, so we can bring people closer together in new and exciting ways.


Fun is one of the most important pillars we rely on. We try to bring fun to both the people who work with us, and the people that come into contact with our products and services.


…people is something we do for love. Our goal is to bring people with similar interests, background, or culture together. So the world can look just a little bit more colorful.


…makes for unity. We believe that no-one can reach the top alone! That’s something you do together with a group of people that understand, and support each other. And that is why we are always open to new collaborations.

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